Imagine that early in the morning, you are late for work, trying to rush to your workplace, yet there is only one main road to your destination. The main road has 3 lanes, right lane, middle lane, and the left lane. Yet, today, due to some major construction, 3 lanes have narrowed down to one lane. In this scenario, what will happen? You can imagine a heavy jam on the road with all the people stuck in jam there and consequently, everyone will be late for work.

Blood flow will be obstructed due to the deposition of cholesterol on the wall of blood vessels.

Is the road the only place that will face traffic congestion? The truth is NO. The same thing can happen to your blood vessels supplying blood to your heart and brain. When there is too much of bad cholesterol deposited inside the walls of blood vessels, blood cells cannot pass through easily to your heart and brain, and this is worse than a traffic jam on the road because this can mean a permanent road closure, and will often lead to fatal outcomes, such as HEART ATTACK and STROKE!

So why is this so scary, and is the scenario unavoidable? Wanna know more, check out our live tomorrow 19/11/2019 at 12.30 pm! We shall reveal the myth behind CHOLESTEROL to you!

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